Credo Consulting Group


Our team provides a wide range of professional services, including auditing, accounting and taxation, financial and legal consulting, as well as legal services in the field of commercial, tax, financial, investment and corporate law.

Business area


In the current context, any business requires special attention and special knowledge as well as professionalism, endurance and other useful skills. The ability to make the right decisions at the right time makes a business successful.


Organization, maintenance and reconstruction of accounting. Maintence of personnel records

Tax practice

Tax risks, arising in the course of doing business, pose a significant financial risk to its operation, giving rise to the preconditions for tax optimization and creating safe conditions for further development.

Legal practice

Qualified assistance of lawyers in matters of varying complexity, advisory service, representation and protection of interests in the field of law. Comprehensive legal support for small and big businesses

Asset valuation

Determining the fair value of assets is an essential part of functioning of markets. Management decisions, based on reliable information, determine their effectiveness

Business consulting

Quality management and business development depend on a number of external and internal factors, requiring managerial personnel to take firm steps and effective decisions aimed at improving the business model and its strengthening and growth

Our services are focused on both small and medium-sized business as well as large enterprises and organizations according to the emerging needs. The range of services we provide is aimed at a comprehensive solution to consumer issues and situations related to the organization and conducting of business. The company’s pricing policy for auditing or accounting, preparation of financial and tax reporting, consulting, as well as other services is formed, depending on the type, scale and complexity of procedures, as well as the time required to perform the services. Our experience, knowledge and detailed understanding of the peculiarities of our clients allow us to develop unique and most effective solutions.

In the course of its activities, our company is guided not only by the requirements and rules of the applicable law, but also by the norms of International Standards on Auditing, as well as standards of professional organizations and internal standards of our company.

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